Boy recently quoted some song lyrics to me. The song was about ridding yourself of “stuff n things”. Now here I am, doing the same…

It’s saturday night, less than two weeks before I leave my Perth-town, and I’m surrounded by boxes and bin bags. My life is in pieces and I’m choosing which pieces matter enough to carry with me to my new life…

Love letters strewn at my feet. Jumpers held together by holes, handed to me a lifetime ago. A teddy bear that I’m not even sure why I have, but I’ve carried for so long she’s my best friend. Postcards collected for prettiness. Movie tickets, theatre tickets, gig tickets from dates-gone-by. An envelope with the scrawled words, “This is filled with love and kisses”. A tiny box sent from Greece, a miniature reminder of a long ago summer of freedom and lust. Birthday cards. Christmas cards. Get Well cards. Endless cards.

These bits of my life will stay behind. I’m not coming back to Perth this time, so maybe these scraps of my history will stay in a box in a dark storage room and we’ll not meet again.

But it’s all okay. It’s hard to stare your history in the face and realise how much has passed, how many things I did wrong, the relationships that failed, the friendships that faded, the moving on of so many people. But I’m doing something different this time. Breaking a cycle even I believed too ingrained in my being, to be broken. For the first time I’m not running away from my life, I’m running toward it.

My things

***this post is so bloody sickly sweet, and it’s a bit flowery. But it’s what’s in my head, so jam it…***