The French have it sussed. They worked out that it’s not just florists, jewellers and hotels that can make money from adultery. Some smart Frenchy worked out that money can be made from providing adulterers’ alibis

Which leads me to ask the question – how many times did this guy get caught out, that he finally thought to himself, “if only I could call someone to provide me with a fake late meeting so I can play nooky with my mistress, or a phoney wedding invitation so I can go on a bachelors weekend?”

This is a minor little rant, as I’m no angel – which some of you know. But funnily enough I was chin-wagging about this with Boy last night, and suddenly the concept of cheating stopped making sense. If you are so damn unhappy with the person you’re dating or married to, why wouldn’t you just leave?

Yes, I actually know the answers already; “I’m staying for the children” – “I still love her, it’s just something I have to do” – “it’s just sex, it’s not love”…

But I’m newly in love – so I’m allowed to look at the world with rose-coloured-glasses for a little while. And so I say “no” to cheating. I think there should be an honesty clause in the unwritten contract of relationships, and we should take to the streets and protest against cheating. Put slogans on t-shirts and march to parliament house. Wear buttons, sign petitions and resort to wearing too much patchouli so civilised people will agree with our cause without arguing with us, because they want to get away from the smell…

Okay. Maybe not the last one.

Hmmmm – did I mention I haven’t slept more than 7 hours in 3 days? I may be slightly delirious from lack of sleep……..

Growing old