To state the over-stated, it’s far more difficult to update blogs and write journals when the world is a happy place and the confusion has subsided (or is at least hiding in a very dark corner). I thought the transition from one city to another, and the journey from “almost single, almost in a relationship” to domestic bliss, might have a few more bumps on the road. But there’s been not a cloud in the sky. It’s been easy. Almost too easy……..

I’ll stop that thought now, before I become the neurotic woman who looks for impending doom when there is obviously none to speak of. It’s a girl thing – if there’s a cloud with a silver lining, we don’t say thanks and just stick our heads in it – we examine it, prod it, test it, jump on it a bit… just to make sure. Of what, I don’t know, but it’s “just to make sure”.

But I like this cloud, and I’m going try sticking my head in it for a little while. You never know, I might look good in silver…