It may have come to your attention that my blogging has become infrequent of late… in fact it’s been down-right non-existent. Which is a pity because I enjoy blogging.

This year I didn’t make New Years resolutions, instead I made “Turning Thirty” resolutions – one of which was to re-discover my creativity. So I’m embarking on a thirty day journey of writing and exploring.

Everyday I’ll post one thought, one picture or one observation… One little bit of me…

Thanks Meet Me at Mikes for the inspiration.

Today I cheat just a little, as this photo isn’t from this day, but a week ago (the day of my thirtieth). It was in this place, at this time, that I made the realisation that not only was I wildly happy with my life, but that everything I wanted to be when I turned thirty, I am.

Flirty Thirty started with magnificent love, and is continuing in a waltz-like-fashion with quick steps, champagne and musical effects…