From the moment I walked into my Lovers home with my suitcases in tow and a used, one way plane ticket from Perth in my hot little hand, I fell in love. Mostly with him, but the fact that he has a wonderful sense of aesthetic in his (now our) home didn’t hurt. It has corners and nooks, bookcases and spaces filled with objet d’art, ornaments, sentimental riff raff and (I say this in undertones, as the word is not permitted in our home)… hoard.

My own collection of artifacts were soon combined with his, and thus the nest grew more cluttered, and I fell even more in love with it….

At Christmas we didn’t have a tree, so I hung candy canes on the old fan that doesn’t work. They’ve been there ever since. The bear is one of my Lover’s “originals”.

The oddest doll-hat-stand ever. Creepy and yet an integral part of the household… she looks after my hats.

In our home every corner is put to work… The drawing between the two tigers is the first one my step-niece gave me when we met. It’s how she thought I’d look. I framed it, and have it with me always.

We bought a new lamp this week. It was ridiculously difficult to put together, but I’ve never loved a lamp so much.

Okay – I’m only including a photo of our fridge because our shopping list is pretty special this week. Loves in a Jar proved particularly difficult to find.

The fisherman watches over the wishing tree. If you’re looking for luck in our home, this is the corner to find it in.

The last thing you’ll see as you leave us; a small reminder on the back of our front door…

My girly things… the birthday cupcake tray, the candle menagerie, my journal in the far background…

The museum of oddities. Lover has bestowed the greatest privilege on me… in his absence I am the Curator. Nearly all of this is his – and the photo isn’t wide enough to show it all.

Even the bathroom has a minder looking over it. Cat clock and Mother Mary cheer me up when I’m getting ready for work in the mornings.

Our spice rack man puts coins in his mouth. I quite (politically incorrectly) adore him.

This is my book nook. Unfortunately our new lamp displaced the original resident, my Lover’s life size doll, wearing a two headed shirt which was bestowed on it by our two favourite blondes. So my book nook is currently occupied until a new home can be found for her…