Things move so fast. Happiness can switch to deep sadness in only a matter of seconds… a matter of words

But I still stand, regardless of what the world throws at me.

I’m looking for a new home. I feel like a true Melburnian now, as the journey of the rental-hunter is a long and painful one, attempted only by the true Melburnians. Some survive and achieve a home of their own. Some compromise and find flatmates instead. Some give up all together and leave the city (more common than you’d believe!) I’m not yet at compromising, but the path to salvation looks rocky and daunting.

I’ve seen ten rentals in the last eight days. Four were smaller than a kennel. And smelt as bad. Two were ridiculously expensive considering their position and size (if you’re wondering what “expensive” means – I’m looking at $280+ for a tiny one bedroom. INSANE!) Two were still expensive, but my heart went out to them. But despite my best efforts I still haven’t been accepted for one home yet – not even my application for one of the dog boxes!

So I keep trundling along. The tram is my friend and delivers me, like a chariot, to suburbs I can barely find on a map. My phone is my cheerleader, with loved ones on the other end (mostly from my home town) cheering me on to success. My work place patiently awaits me re-arrival to sanity and calmness. My fingers keep moving, typing and writing the places I see and the things I feel.

Times, they are a changin’ and I still stand here, regardless of what the world throws at me.