Tonight I watched a man bathe himself standing up with a bottle of red wine, whilst listening to the strains of Jeff Buckley, with a semi smile of combined contentment and pain on his face. It was the culmination of an hour intense journey as one man filled a stage with the whispers of relationships and lives gone by.

Yes, I know this all sounds whimsical and full of rhapsody. But the piece I saw tonight has filled my head with meandering thoughts and I’m sitting here thinking about lovers of past, the soundtrack of my life and being emotionally and physically naked to the world.

But back to the naked red wine man. My first and most intense thought was how much I’d love to try that one day – it looked beautiful and amazing, slowly pouring the wine through his hair and running all the way down his skin. He looked like a Jackson Pollack afterwards. My second thought was that I would never do it because I’m more likely to want to drink the wine rather than waste it…….