I was asked a question tonight that I was also asked yesterday, and again a week ago. Why bother with film and different camera’s when iPhone Apps like Histomatic and Lo-Mob, along with Quad Camera and Toy Camera (and about 8 other phone apps I have that imitate real camera’s) exist for convenience….

I knew when I was first asked that as much as I enjoy the apps, there’s something missing, but I couldn’t explain it.

Tonight, I found the answer. It’s the absolute effort and faith of working with film that works for me right now. In my head, tonight I have taken the best photo ever, with lots of time taken thinking about the film I’ve used (expired Ilford 35mm), the camera, (traditional Diana F+), the time of day and settings (late night). And that’s it. I can’t check it, I can’t retake it. I will find out in one or two months time, when I finish the film, what it even looks like….

And that’s it. That’s why I’m sticking with film for a year. No regrets. Just living the moment….