It’s definitely been a while since I published some photos. It’s not that I haven’t been taking them, it’s that I was a bit too disheartened to take on the blogging of them. My house got broken into a while back and my computer, a couple of cameras and other miscellaneous and sentimental items were stolen.

So after some time to naval gaze, enjoy a personal pity party and generally being frustrated by the lack of laptop/internet in my personal life, I’m ready to come back to the world of photo blogging.

This gallery is from May, using my Holga. Very dark, but a couple of successful double exposures. Over the next few weeks I’ll be blogging quite a few rolls that I’ve taken over the last 3 months, most with this camera – you do eventually get to see  general improvement in lighting! If these photos also look a bit “speckled” it’s because it’s my first foray into scanning them myself and my scanner isn’t very high quality – so there are a few teething issues!


(ps – “Voila” my ass – it took four times to load these photos… me and technology are about to break up!)