Unsurprisingly, I’ve bought a new camera – yes, it is an addiction. I bought the simple yet appealing Pop 9 from Lomo, loaded it with some Fuji Provia slide film, and meandered through Sydney armed with my loot and good intentions. I was pretty happy with the result.


It’s definitely been a while since I published some photos. It’s not that I haven’t been taking them, it’s that I was a bit too disheartened to take on the blogging of them. My house got broken into a while back and my computer, a couple of cameras and other miscellaneous and sentimental items were stolen.

So after some time to naval gaze, enjoy a personal pity party and generally being frustrated by the lack of laptop/internet in my personal life, I’m ready to come back to the world of photo blogging.

This gallery is from May, using my Holga. Very dark, but a couple of successful double exposures. Over the next few weeks I’ll be blogging quite a few rolls that I’ve taken over the last 3 months, most with this camera – you do eventually get to see  general improvement in lighting! If these photos also look a bit “speckled” it’s because it’s my first foray into scanning them myself and my scanner isn’t very high quality – so there are a few teething issues!


(ps – “Voila” my ass – it took four times to load these photos… me and technology are about to break up!)

I’ve slowly collected an assorted bunch of “misc” images that I never post as they’re a bit abstract. But I’ve decided to go live with them as a collection. No making fun of the strange post – it suits my mood!

I’m so excited – my new camera arrived! A working  Starflex Brownie… They were made by Kodak between 1957-1964, and mine came in an original box. Excited!! Guess what I’ll be doing this long weekend…..

More Golden Half adventures with expired black and white Ilford film. Loving the results and can’t wait to try more black and white film with my other camera’s…

I haven’t left out many images this time, even though some of these are bung, as I’m feeling like sharing the flaws today.

Playing with my Contessa again, but this time taking half the photos on a really bright day (the first half) and the second half on a dark overcast day. Turns out the camera does more interesting things in the bright light, but captures mood better on the darker days.

I used a new kodak 400 film this time, instead of expired film, but it seems the interetsing blur effect of the camera has more to do with the user, than with the film!

I love my new Golden Half (Hello Kitty version) although I definitely need more practice. I seem to make similar mistakes with all the film camera’s the first time around – too many photos taken in not enough light.

I’d also hoped for better “matches” but they didn’t all work out. Looking forward to next roll of film though!

Mixture of doubles and singles….

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