The People

I couldn’t stop taking photos of people – they were just all so cool… There’s something about Londoners – they have so much confidence, they can pull off any outfit!

Mod-fashion is very “in”. Most girls under the age of 25 wear footless tights and ballet shoes with cute little dresses and cardigans and Alice bands
Cool Kids

Smoker Girl

This little girl was a cutey. And a way better dancer than me!
Girl in plaits

There was a huge hip hop brigade there…
Bandana Guy


And I’d love to know what was under this guys hat;
Leather Hat

A huge cross section of ages including these funky old guys,
Old Guys

And these kids can’t have been older than ten, but they were getting into it!
Young Groovers

Mohawks were a common fashion statement…

I couldn’t stop photographing this guy – he was just so out there, he made me laugh… He started out drinking Carling –

And ended up on champers. I like his style!
Carling to Champs

Here is my future husband. He is so cute, by far the most attractive man I’ve seen since I arrived here. I love a man who can carry off a blue velvet jacket. Plus he’s taking photos, so he must be creative. Swoon…
My future husband

Finger Signs
It gave me shivers when one of the artists asked everyone to raise our fists in “Black Power”. Everyone did it and screamed and cheered – it was pretty cool.
Black Power

I wasn’t quite as impressed when another artist asked for “The Bird”
The Bird

But I thought the peace signs were cute:
Peace sign

Video Works
Three cool-chick vjs put together some great video works. I tried to take some photos, but they don’t do the work much justice.

There were political statements
No Racism

Videos of Boris Yeltsin and Prince Charles manipulated to make them “dance”
Prince Charles

Boris Yeltsin

Art performance works
Dancing Lady

Old-School krumping videos

And crowd shots…
Crowd Shot

Climbing The Fountains

Of course, when alcohol is involved, suddenly scaling national monuments and jumping in fountains seems like a good idea.

It always starts with a small group of “bright sparks”
Beginning - Fountain

Who encourage their mates
Middle - Fountain

Until eventually everyone is up there
End - Fountain

And someone starts to kick water into the crowd.

Sometimes I think I’m getting old, when I don’t find these things funny anymore…

The Music
Belle and Sebastian were amazing
Belle and Sebastian

Drew from Babyshambles was very cool
Drew (babyshambles)

And Boy Kill Boy are my new favourite band
Boy Kill Boy

Free concert, cool music, great time…


Cowboy Hat

The gang

Skinny Jeans


6 Responses to “Love Music Hate Racism”

  1. Bethany Says:

    I like your pictures, speacially the punk boy 😀

  2. HIPPIE Says:


  3. angerona Says:

    me too!

  4. farfaraway Says:

    It WAS a pretty awesome day!


    only the nigga wasnt doin da black power fist!!!

  6. ali Says:

    i love you

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