You are my friends, my family, my companions. For four days we will share our lives as we camp, and breakfast, and sing, and dance.

We will trudge through four fields, from stage to stage, intermittently visiting tents to refresh and revive. We line together outside portaloos, and laugh together as we drift from one stage to another.


We will unexpectedly meet old friends and even more unexpectedly make new frineds. I will give you directions when you are lost. You will welcome me into your group when I lose all my friends and just feel like dancing anyway.

Blue Hat

We will trudge to the grounds for coffee in the morning, dark glasses covering our offended eyes. We will jostle each other less than five hours later as we try to vie for the barmans attention.


We will take drunken walks at 4am, and one of us will break her leg – but be back dancing with the addition of a cast only hours later.

leg cast

I will be backstage, and you will be painted in blue. You will bring your face close to mine and I’ll smell your skin. And I’ll smile. And you will look at me quizzically, then with a French accent say ” ‘oo are you?” And I’ll want to kiss you – but my friends are watching and laughing and I lose my nerve.

Blue Man

We will sing songs to cute boys as dawn breaks under the lanterns and watch smoke as it curls into the trees, knowing the music will start again in only a few hours.


And when it all gets too much, we’ll lie in the sun as the music drifts over us…

lying in sun

It’s not summer if you don’t go to at least one music festival….